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TOLCO fire protection solutions

With over 60 years supporting the fire protection industry, Eaton offers a complete line of UL Listed and FM Approved TOLCO hangers, restraints and seismic bracing products for fire sprinkler applications.
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Comprehensive fire protection solutions

Fire sprinkler systems are a critical life safety system in buildings to help protect lives and billions of dollars in property. When an earthquake occurs, much of the damage that is left afterward is due to the devastating effect of uncontrolled fires. A critical component of any fire sprinkler system in regions where earthquakes can occur, is a well designed and installed hanging and seismic bracing system. 

For over 60 years, Eaton has been serving the fire protection industry with its innovative TOLCO seismic bracing products and B-Line series pipe hangers. With exceptional quality and design, the TOLCO hanging and seismic bracing attachments are UL Listed, FM Approved, and approved by OSHPD as a complete system for rigid bracing of fire protection sprinkler installations. Our core seismic bracing products are made from cold rolled steel and in our home plant in Reno, NV, trusted by contractors worldwide to help combat damage from earthquakes.

What are branch line restraints?

As a component of a seismic bracing system a branch line restraint (BLR) performs a critical function. Its primary purpose is to prevent the movement of fire sprinkler branch lines which could cause damage to themselves, the structure or other nearby non-structural systems, such as air handling ducts, plumbing or electrical systems.