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Eaton UniqID asset tracker hose assembly management tool

UniqID asset tracker overview

Eaton’s UniqID asset tracker tool was created to label, manage and track Eaton products so they can be maintained, repaired and replaced quickly and accurately.

A select group of Eaton distributors are currently testing the UniqID system where they can input the exact specs of your hose assembly so when it comes time to repair or replace an assembly, the correct spec information is available. Plus, with the ability to schedule maintenance reminders in the system, you can avoid downtime by checking and maintaining hose assemblies in a timely manner.

  • Label, track and manage products
  • Repair and replace quickly and accurately
  • Reduce downtime

If you have a hose assembly with a UniqID label and would like more information, please fill out the form below. You will receive an email shortly with information about the distributor who created your hose assembly so you can reach out to them with questions or for reorder.

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For more information about  Eaton's UniqID asset tracker, please contact your local distributor. The UniqID asset tracker will be available to all distributors in 2020.